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I’m currently in one of the least budget friendly cities in Italy! I was worried and expected to be disappointed on my way to Venice.

I was always told it was disappointing and when I arrived in Rome it was busier and more spread out than I expected. Yet when we boarded our first water bus… I was hooked on this city!

I wanted to not like it, as Venice is clichéd and the city of romance! However, I love it, there’s no cars… No-one trying to run me over on a moped and its so beautiful!
There’s bridges over everything, water everywhere and boats are the main means of transport. I know it sounds silly, but I just thought only half of it was surrounded by water!

Admittedly the centre is crowded and a lot of the restaurants are over priced and tourist traps.

But, I’m in love with the beauty of this city. Nobody is in a hurry because the boats are the only way around! Its very expensive to go on gondolas so we’ve decided not to, but you get such a great view from the water buses. Also the local gondolas to cross the grand canal (and they are 2€ per person not 80€ for 30 minutes)


Venice doesn’t have huge numbers of things to do (compared to Rome), there’s a lot of galleries and museums, but I’ve found it so fun just wondering round the narrow streets and little bridges.

I will do a few more posts about our time in Venice over the next couple of weeks so watch out! Just craving my DSLR pictures and my laptop to blog on rather than my phone!WP_20170728_007

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

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