Hidden Bristol – The Christmas Steps

christmas steps

Hidden Bristol – The Christmas Steps


Hello fellow budget hunters,

Today I am continuing my Bristol adventures. I wanted to share with you one of my favourite parts of Bristol. I’ve called it ‘hidden’, but I think a lot of tourists are always sent to see the Christmas steps. In fact my Mum sent me in the direction of them, when I first said where I was staying!

christmas steps


The steps were constructed originally in 1669 by a wealthy merchant. Before the steps were constructed it was just a very steep mud pathway.

The current 4 flights of steps were dated 1865 and 1881 and have a grade two listing. The buildings either side are so beautiful and I just love the quirkiness of this little area.

christmas steps

The Name – Christmas steps

I looked this one up as I was very interested in where this name came from. 

christmas steps

There is currently two theories about how the street got its name:


The street was originally called Queene Streetin medieval times before becoming known as Knyfesmyth Street, after the tradesmen there. The Middle English pronunciation of Knyfesmyth, with the K¬†sounded, may be the origin of the street’s modern name.

An alternative theory is based on the nativity scene found in a stained glass window of The Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne, which stands at the top of the steps.


I like both ideas, but I prefer the middle English pronunciation theory as Bristol has so many ties to tradesmen.

Modern day shops


Currently there are a lot of little shops, a tattoo artist, hairdresser and my favourite the board game cafe at the bottom.

christmas steps


If you are ever in Bristol, you should check out this little quirky area of Bristol.


Until next time

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christmas steps

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