Where to (charity) shop in Cardiff!

Hello fellow budget hunters,

Today I will sharing with you my experience of charity/ thrift shopping in the Welsh capital.

I am a cheap person, we all know that! So I’m sure it is no surprise that I love shopping in charity shops or thrift stores. (I think that thrift stores don’t go to charity and are American but I don’t know)

I have lived in Cardiff for almost 3 years and have been on many adventures to find good charity shops and bargains. Today I decided to bring you with me and share the experience of the best charity shops in Cardiff.

I love charity shops as you can get some absolute bargains in them. I have bought a GAP leather jacket for £3 and so many pretty dresses! I love the way you can find one off pieces and just bargain bits!

Albany Road

The best place by FAR is Albany Road, as there is so many charity shops in a short stretch. Anyone who knows Cathays and Roath knows all about this hidden gem of charity shops.


Along the road the first charity shop I have a look at is Tenovus and then I often go to RSPCA. Today I decided to look for shorts and in here I tried on 3 pairs and decided to buy a pair of Topshop denim shorts for £3.49.


Next there is a British heart Foundation, which I often donate my things too… but often don’t find much I like, I also think they are a bit over priced here. Opposite is an Oxfam, but I think I’ve been in there once as I am just not a fan of their pricing, ethics and reputation.


Across the road is the Holy Grail of charity shops. There is the YMCA £1 charity shop. I have loved this place since I first discovered Albany Road in my first year! At one point it had a refit and became a normal charity shop with varying prices, but it soon went back to £1. In fact today it was 99p!


In there I found this hooded duffle coat and it fits my amazingly! So I decided I had to buy it. The only down side of the shop is there is no changing room so you have to guess. They will return/exchange items though so it’s not all bad!


In town


In town I have two favourite shops to visit. On the Hayes there is a lovely Ty hafan which often stocks some lovely clothes at really good prices and they also have great sales.

I also love their other shop in the castle arcade which is called emporium. This is a vintage/retro charity shop so the items are a bit pricier but so nice. I have bought a beautiful lace dress from there before!


I know there are other around town that are good, but Albany Road is the best for charity shops and those two in town are brilliant for location!

I hope you enjoyed this shopping trip – if you did pin it for later!! 

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

X x x

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16 Replies to “Where to (charity) shop in Cardiff!”

  1. I wish I was better at charity store hunting! Whenever I go with my sister, she’ll find the most amazing bargains that look good. I just don’t seem to have the eye for it. I think you would Loooove it out here in vancouver. There are so many fun thrift stores. Some of them are not that cheap, but the clothes are amazing!

    p.s. I love the comment from your gran (I guess it is…my garndma signs off GMa too, so it made me smile! 🙂

    1. I know, Grandma’s are very sweet like that! Oh Vancouver sounds my sort of place, I could find some bargains there I’m sure!

  2. I love thrift shopping!! You never know what you’ll find! I’ve found some unique pieces and brand name clothing for way less! Cant beat that!

    1. I know, such good value for some of these pieces and you don’t feel so bad about the environmental impact either!

    1. Yeah, in the UK our secondhand shops go to charity but in other countries they can be thrift or second hand shops!

  3. Thrift shopping has become so trendy, so what a great post idea. I wish I had better luck at thrift shopping. I don’t usually seem to find many things. Maybe I’m just visiting the wrong places?! LOL!

  4. I’ve been to thrift shops in the US when I was younger but was squeamish about buying anything since I thought second hand clothes were gross. I’m older and wiser now though!

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