The Greatest Showman

My new favourite film is the Greatest Showman – I will tell everyone who listens to go and watch it!

This is going to be a different sort of post today, but I haven’t been travelling anywhere exciting in the past few weeks, BUT I have been to the cinema twice to see this awesome movie and I have NEVER done that before. This film is currently in its 10th week of showing at the cinemas, which is a crazy run so it must still be making money. I will include no spoilers but I am going to tell you why I love this film so much!!!

It is a¬†dramatised musical version of P.T Barnum’s life and ventures as the father of modern circus and showmanship.¬†


This is a musical, with chart topping songs which I have been singing so much. They are catchy and meant to be styled like modern pop music songs, which just makes it brilliant in my eyes. I think the songs flow together really well and tell a story without being like Les Mis, where bothers to talk for the whole film, there is a good balance between the music and dialogue. I also believe that all 10 songs are good, there are no disappointing songs that aren’t up to the same level as the rest. Some musicals, like Grease which is timeless and was my favourite film before still has a few let down songs – looking at you “Hopelessly devoted” and “Stranded at the drive through”. I have not stopped listening to this soundtrack as it just brings a massive smile to my face. Who knew Wolverine could sing?


I did some research on this as the film originally was meant to have the message that you should never give up on your dreams and take risks. But after the Trump administration came in during filming and production, the director decided to emphasise the message of acceptance and inclusivity across instead. The director also tried to make the film something that PT Barnum would have produced if he was still alive now.


This sounds random, but the costumes and set design are very colourful. This is obviously not very historical as the film is set around 1870’s, but due to the modern styled music they decided to make the film colourful and eyecatching because it represents the style of the circus instead. I just loved how bright and exciting the whole experience of the film was, it was like being at the circus, without the smell of damp grass and burgers!

I also loved how Zendaya (who plays a trapeze artist) has pink hair, which isn’t accurate, but being the kick ass woman she is – she did all her own stunts. She learnt how to do trapeze and many different rope/hoop tricks for the film which blows my mind!

Plot and storytelling

Without giving anything away, I loved how this film managed to tell a life story and weave in a love story, story of acceptance, family and taking risks. I had watched a YouTuber who said there was no plot – I am not sure they watched the same film that I did, because there is so much going on in it!


I understand a few people are upset that it glosses over who Barnum was, discounting his exploitation of various ‘freaks’ and deep racism, which I understand is upsetting to some people, but this film was never meant to be a biopic. It was meant to be a musical and feel good film, so addressing a lot of these issues would be difficult in the whole film. It is loosely based on real life, therefore not everything needs to be accurate, like the Jenny Lind section of the story has been changed for Hollywood but they are allowed artistic license.

P.T Barnum’s circus finally shut its doors in May 2017, after 147 years of touring, just a few months before this film was released.

If you want to see a feel good film, with bright colours, amazing music and a great story then go to see The Greatest Showman before it leaves cinemas. It is my favourite musical film now and it just makes me smile from ear to ear as I hear the songs.

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