I got nominated for…. A Sunshine Blogger Award 2018!!

Hello fellow budget hunters (and travel addicts)

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018

This is so exciting as I got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 by the lovely Travel Lit! Linda and Kris, are a couple who ditched their 9 to 5 jobs and now live as digital nomads, travelling the world while working online!

Well, that’s VERY unexpected! I didn’t even know such award existed, not even thinking of receiving it. That definitely brought some sunshine to my already sunny day!

So I did a little bit of research in The Sunshine Blogger Awards and this award is awarded by bloggers to new bloggers to recognize their achievements and offer support. I love being such a great part of this supportive travel community!

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What are the rules of The Sunshine Blogger Award?


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

So my questions from Travel Lit are :-

  1. How long ago did you realize your passion is travelling and how?
    I think in 2014, when I went to Nepal on my 17th birthday was the first time I realised how much I loved travel. I realised that the world was so much bigger than my small hometown, so I got this passion filling my chest to just explore everywhere!!
  2. If you could have only one thing while travelling, only one, what would it be? I would have my DSLR – I would have to document everywhere I went through photos! I love my camera and I always look back through loads of pictures!
  3. Do you prefer warm climates and beaches or cold climates and mountains? I would always say warm climates and beaches! I always feel relaxed by the sea, but I love the scenery in mountains!
  4. What is one thing that scares you about travelling? What makes you at unease sometimes? I feel most uneasy when I convince myself we’re going to miss our flight (I get very anxious about it!) I also worry sometimes when we find ourselves down back streets in the dark – somehow this always happens while following maps with my boyfriend! I then get wary of people coming too close, but I’ve never felt unsafe!
  5. Where do you get your travel inspiration from? Instagram, blogs, Pinterest? How do you find them? I often find my inspiration from the list of cheap obscure places I can find on skyscanner, then I started browsing blogs and things to do once I’ve booked it!
  6. Do you ever get homesick? When does the feeling usually hit? Very very occasionally and normally after I have rung my Mum. I think Tanzania was my only real feeling of homesickness and my birthday this year as I had horrible wisdom tooth pain and was sulking!
  7. What is the single best thing about travelling? ONLY ONE! Exploring a new place and find all the hidden parts about that place! I just love exploring!!
  8. Are you a natural person or a city dweller? Do you enjoy architecture and cafes or lush greenery? I grew up in the countryside, so its weird that I love cities and exploring. The greenery makes me feel at home, but I am happiest surrounded by cool buildings!
  9. What is the most ridiculous and funny thing that has happened to you on the road? There’s been so many!! I have dislocated my shoulder in my sleep – I wrote a whole post about how we could not understand Italian and how that caused us soooooo many problems, but a lot of funny stories!!
  10. Which country would you say have the happiest, kindest, most welcoming people? Romania was the most lovely place, with the nicest people!!
  11. On the spot, right now. What would be your ideal travel route for 12 months on a low budget? I would go around South East Asia – mainly because I want to see it and explore, but also it is much more reasonable than Europe to live in!!

 sunshine blogger awards

So that’s my 11 questions and now I have to ask my nominees some questions!!

  1. What’s your favourite country been and why?
  2. Who inspires you in the Travel community?
  3. Have you got any blogging tips?
  4. Where is your favourite place to keep coming back to?
  5. What’s your favourite food you’ve eaten abroad?
  6. What would you take to a desert island?
  7. When did you fall in love with travel?
  8. Which is the best airline you’ve flown with?
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  10. What’s your next trip?
  11. What’s the funniest story from one of your trips?

So that is all my questions!! I am now going to share all my nominations :-

@Laagsparkles – she writes some great posts about free diving!

@Came to wander – Thomas and Iris are travel addicts who started their online travel diary in 2017.


@sassysavvyadventurer – Is an amazing woman who has overcome her divorce by travelling and is so admirable!

@thehoosierhistorian – These guys post such cool pictures of beaches and the sea!

@wanderlustshraddha  –  I loved their Kerala post – check them out!

@iamdanelson – Dan is a great blogger, who writes great posts about romantic trips or great adventures!

@bernify – Bianca’s initials spell out Bern, hence her name and is a great lifestyle and travel blogger!

@Alexgillett   –  Alex is an Australian photographer and blogger

@samarpita – Samarpita is a freelance writer and blogger, she has so many insightful posts!

@alongcameanelephant – Marlo and Kristoff quit their jobs to travel around the world!

@imbaztan – Baz is a travel blogger, who has so many posts on South East Asia!

Those are all my nominees and I want to thank you all for your endless support!!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini


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  1. Wow! Many congratulations. Your blog is looking really good. Oh wow I never thought it would be hard to travel in Italy if you don’t know Italian.

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