Girton Spring Ball 2018

Hello fellow budget hunters,

I feel bad writing this post as I never went to Girton. I didn’t even go to Cambridge! BUT.. My boyfriend did and he is a Girtonian through and through.

This Friday we went to their Spring ball (which felt like winter) and it was such an amazing experience. I have never really experienced a Cambridge ball and this was like a mini festival.

Before we start, I did have problems with wearing heels and changed to flats by Midnight, also I am not an allnighter person so I was very tired but I had so much fun.

Girton Spring Ball 2016 was cancelled, my boyfriend was meant to be the food officer and was very disappointed when it was cancelled with 48 hours to go. So this event was the next one that he had no input in and we did compare it to what the previous one would have been like. However, this did not change my experience.

The Wait

So we decided to be one of the first people in the queue, so our group was in the queue from 7.30pm until they finally let us in at 9pm. The weather decided not to celebrate the ball, so it tipped it down for most of our time in the queue. I had walked there from the taxi in my flip-flops and just stood in them for the time, but my feet got so cold and waterlogged we were shivering when we got let in!!

There was some food for the queue, I enjoyed a couple of pieces of fudge while waiting. But we were so glad to get inside.


The Food

I really enjoyed the mix of food that was there, although I didn’t eat much for the first few hours as I had gone past the point of hunger. I did enjoy some Mac’n’cheese with basil oil and bacon on top. Then picked at a hog roast and some arancini, I hate how much food gets wasted at these events though! We also hit the chocolate fountain and the popcorn stands too.

My favourite part was the breakfast rolls, but they wouldn’t let me have bacon and a hash brown so I had to have an egg with it and I loved it.

The Drinks

The drinks I really enjoyed, there was a few different places to get cocktails from and we didn’t get too many drinks really. Thankfully there wasn’t too many queues for the drinks.

However, everyone else was sad there was no bottle baths of beer, but I’m not a beer drinker so I wasn’t bothered.

The Music

There was an awesome cover band at the end which was so good, we didn’t really listen to many of the other bands.

I think we saw the headline DJ for a bit, but that tent was outside and by then it was SNOWING!!!


The decor

It looked so beautiful and I enjoyed how it was decorated.

The logistics of it being half outside would have been great if the weather wasn’t snowing.

Everything else

There was the dodgems and some swing boats which seemed really popular.

We wanted to go on the swing boats, literally when the snow became super heavy so I decided against it in my sleeveless dress.

I did love the casino, I always enjoy playing 21s and roulette so I was there for a while. My boyfriend lost his chips very quickly!!


This was a really great night, the food was good and I really enjoyed myself. I can understand I didn’t have the same experience as most Girtonian’s – especially as they knew everyone. You would not believe how long it took us to do a loop of the event.

I do wish there was some hot drinks available and more space to chill out.

I hope you enjoyed my review and post about the Girton Spring Ball 2018

Our survivors photos – We made it to 5am!!

Until next time

The Great Ambini

x x x

**I don’t own the watermarked photo’s they belong to the photographer***

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic evening, don’t worry that you didn’t go to cambridge i am sure they still welcomed you and you partied like a gooden even if you were drenched!

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