Why you need to visit Cardiff’s Market

Hello fellow budget hunters,

Today I have been in Cardiff Market. I love the indoor market in Cardiff, it is one of my favourite places in this city.

The Cardiff Market

I have lived in Cardiff for 2 years now and this is my favourite place to buy food from. The market isn’t just food though – there is so many stalls selling everything from handbags to fruit to a psychic. There is everything you can imagine all under one roof. There is a really interesting spice stall which sells a lot of Asian spices, which are difficult to get outside of asian supermarkets.

As you go in there is a fruit and veg stall and then a fishmongers. I have bought fruit from there before, including some very good strawberries.

I like to wander around as the fruit and veg stalls inside can be very noisy, normally shouting about strawberries or other soft fruit. One of the stalls sells bags of mixed veg at 50 p a bag which is a bargain and I really need to come here more often to buy my fruit and veg. The same goes with the meat counters around the edges.

My favourite stall

My favourite stall is Cardiff Bakestone, which is a stall selling cakes and welsh cakes. In fact it is mostly welsh cakes of different flavours andย  designs. I always opt for the chocolate chip welsh cakes as I find the traditional raisins a little bit less tasty. They also do a great range of diabetic welsh cakes and the ladies are just so friendly.ย 

I also love hardline coffee, which I mentioned in my 5 top coffee shops in Cardiff. They are the home of the pink latte and have such good coffee.


I hope you enjoyed this post about Cardiff Market – I love it, especially as it is indoors so you avoid the rain!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

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8 Replies to “Why you need to visit Cardiff’s Market”

  1. I love exploring markets anywhere in the world. They provide such a great insight into local life. I think my favorite stall would be the cake stall too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. This is great! I love looking for towns who have these markets! So much creative pple with foods and stands in one area! It is wonderful! I will need to go here!

  3. I’ve never had a chocolate chip welsh cake before but it sounds delicious! The market sounds like a great place to pick up cheap groceries, I’ll definitely check it out when I’m in Cardiff.

  4. You’ve convinced me to visit this market in Cardiff. It looks like a great place to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Markets are the best to explore! Experiencing the foods, souvenirs, and overall atmosphere is one of the best places to feel the heart of the city! Glad you had a great time in Cardiff!

    1. I have had a good time in Cardiff, about to move away after 3 years living here and shopping at the market ๐Ÿ™‚

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