Being a tourist in Ledbury

Hello fellow budget hunters – Ledbury

Apologies for the delay on blog posts, I have been fairly ill these last few days only with a cold but the self pity means I’ve been lazy with writing and pre writing posts!


Yesterday, it was a lovely sunny day and I felt like exploring but didn’t want to go far from home. After my whole post about my mental health and my love of being a tourist in my home city. I decided to take that as a post for my inspiration of where I went! My family moved to a new Herefordshire town (Ledbury) last year and I haven’t spent much time here so we decided to be tourists and find out more.

I will admit, we got some dodgy looks as I’m not sure many DSLRs are taken around Ledbury in the middle of the day but it is a lovely market town. The town Wikipedia page describes our destination as “Ledbury is a Herefordshire market town, lying east of Hereford, and west of the Malvern Hills. It has a significant number of timber-framed structures, in particular along Church Lane and High Street.” With a population of around 10,000 and a lot of interesting buildings, I was excited to go and have a proper look around.


Ledbury Library

After walking to the Library in it’s new location of Masters house, we spent a good 30 minutes walking around reading all the signs and listening to the stories/interactive screens. I found out a lot about what the ‘hospital’ was and how it was used over the past 800 years.

We then walked under the Market House, which is similar to Grange Court in Leominster but still open underneath. The market is still in action on some days which made me happy. From there we went up Church Street – which I only know as it is home to a pub I frequent! The cobbled street is beautiful and quintessentially English! There is lots of activities along it, that I normally walk past as I’ve enjoyed the local cider! Also home to some public toilets – handy hint there for tourists!


Museums in Ledbury

Along the lane we saw the Butcher Row House museum, which we walked around and is home to one of 3 known Boot Baths in the world! It was nice for a little walk around but after coming out – almost opposite was the Heritage Centre which was very informative! I didn’t know Ledbury used to have two train stations!

They also had a really cool puzzle, which took us a few minutes! After that we investigated the church before heading home. I know I missed a lot of things including the 16th century painted room and lots of other sights. However I do live here so there’s plenty of time!

I hope you explore Ledbury too or even your own hometown and have fun! x x x


I also wrote this post about the Malvern Hills here!

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13 Replies to “Being a tourist in Ledbury”

  1. This is a great little post. I need to do some more ‘being a tourist in my own town’. Ledbury looks like such a quaint little place, would love to go, especially to taste that local cider you mentioned!

  2. What a beautiful place! Sometime’s it’s nice to be a tourist in your own hometown. I’ve discovered so many great things about my own hometown when I show others around.

  3. I love quaint little towns like this, especially on a sunny day which is rare in the UK I know! The black and white building fascinate me! Great post

    1. There’s actually hundreds of towns like this in the UK. There’s a long history in the UK and a lot of these are from the 1500s. Mostly outside of London is where you need to look 🙂

  4. You’re in one of my favourite towns. I lived and worked in Hereford for a while, and always loved to go to Ledbury. I’m having problems imagining it with two stations though! The black and white houses are gorgeous. Is the big chocolate shop still there? I had to drag my husband bodily from it last time we visited.

    1. Oh wow, I’m sure we will have many mutual friends (like everyone in Herefordshire) I grew up in Leominster and my parents moved here 2 years ago. I’ve loved exploring Ledbury and Ross since being in the south of the county! There’s a sweet shop, but I’m not sure it’s the same one! It’s so nice that someone knows where I am!!

  5. The architecture is really awesome. I hope to do this “be a tourist in your home town” kinda thing too. Maybe I can find some hidden corners. Great idea

  6. Haha. Travel should begin from one’s home city. I completely agree. There is no harm in being a tourist in ones own place. I am yet to discover so many places here in my city and your post is inspiring me to do so sooner.

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