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Hello fellow budget hunters.

Today is the first of my new interview series. I decided I would like to share other travellers experiences with you and let you find out a little bit more about other peoples favourite places. Unfortunately, as my boyfriend was only the other side of the room when I had this great idea – he gets to be my first interviewee.

This idea came as I love interviews with other bloggers and I am also very very nosy so I hope other nosy people can find out more about these people!

Keep reading to find a little more about my best friend and crazy travel companion!


Tell me a little bit about yourself

Hello, I am Bhargav – I am Amber’s boyfriend, we have been together for almost 2 years. I was born in India, but moved to the UK when I was 1.

Where has been your favourite place you’ve travelled to?

This is a difficult question, I have to many places I have loved. I loved Essaouira because it was a nice relaxed place, a mix between crazy Morocco and the French Riviera. I think it is safe to say I love Morocco in general – everyone’s favourite places are generally linked to the people you meet there, and I met some of the coolest people while I was in Morocco, that’s why I love it so much.

visit essaouira


What has been the coolest activity you’ve done while traveling?

The Waitomo Glow worm caves – They were by far the coolest thing I have ever seen. I was led through the caves by an ex kiwi special forces guy, on what turned out to be a private tour as nobody else signed up. I got in a rubber ring and you float down the creek with a head torch on. The guide then got me to turn off my light and then he made a loud noise and all the thousands of glow worms lit up at once.  This was such a unique experience and not something you can explain to other people as I couldn’t take a photo – it was just the beauty of nature.


Where was the last place you’ve been?

Goa, I went to India to visit my family and spent a few days in Goa with some of my cousins. We went to North Goa, which is outside the western tourist area and was typically India. While I was there, we crammed about a weeks worth of activities into about 2 days – so it was hardly the most relaxing holiday. I went scuba diving, dolphin spotting, around a historic church, went on a banana boat, parasailing, went island hopping, watched the sunset with a cold beer, tried their local spirit and went to a flea market. I really enjoyed the island hopping as we had a barbeque on the beach, with some of the nicest but spicest food I have ever had and we were surrounded by over 100 golden eagles.


What’s your favourite place in the UK?

My favourite place in the UK, is Nottingham as it is where my family and all my friends are. I have a special love for the Peak District too, as I have so many fond memories of going there when I was younger.

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What is your must have travel item?

A good book – Always useful when you’re waiting for trains/buses/planes and if you need to chill out in the evenings after a busy day.

Actually… I think wet wipes are more important – they literally have saved me many times!!

Where is your next adventure booked to?

My next adventure is our summer holiday, as Amber knows, where we are off to Tallinn, Milan and Corfu over 2 weeks. I am excited to eat lots more pizza in Italy and to get my snorkel out while we are in Greece.

Tallinn, Estonia


Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone?

There’s no such thing of travelling alone as you always meet lots of like minded people who you quickly become very close with and it is great having the flexibility to do what you want and go wherever you please, however travelling with someone you love means you always have someone to share your crazy adventures with and to look out for you.

What is your dream holiday?

It is what I was just looking up – I would love to go on Safari!

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Until next time,

The Great Ambini

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