A walk in the park

Gedling Park

Hello fellow budget hunters

As the sun is shining for the second time in two days, I decided to celebrate the arrival of spring with some images of a lovely spring walk I took yesterday. The snow may have been falling last week and during the last few months, but I think we are almost at spring now.

The Park

Gedling park

We have had the clocks go forward so it is now springtime and we are almost at summer. I really struggle with the short days and dark evenings, so hopefully I will start feeling more energised!

Gedling Park

I have been staying with my boyfriends family this weekend as uni has broken up for easter. We decided to go for a walk around Gedling park, this park is near to where they live and we decided it wouldn’t be as busy as the most popular parks in Nottingham. We were very wrong. I think every person in the whole city had decided to make the most of the good weather and take their kids outdoors.

Gedling Park

The views

Gedling park has 4 different colour coded walks around, with different distances and difficulties. We decided to take on one of the harder routes around, with the mindset that we could chop and change as we pleased. In the end I think we walked the hardest and longest route around, it was about 6km according to my phone.

Gedling Park

It was the first day that I have been able to take my coat off outside!! I have been inside my parka jacket since about september!

I will now stop rambling about the park and let you see what a lovely day it was and what lovely views there are over parts of Nottingham.

gedling park

Admittedly, this isn’t the most beautiful park I have ever been to and I do live on the edge of the Malvern Hills park, but it was a nice escape from the city!

Hope you had a lovely weekend,

The Great Ambini

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