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Hello fellow budget hunters

Today marks yet another day snowed in! Hopefully it will thaw soon enough, so instead of exciting blog posts… I am going to share 6 facts about myself to you all! Some of these you may already know, especially if you know me in person!

1. I grew up in Herefordshire, which is a very rural county on the border of Wales. It is famous for cider and cows, as a child it was great fun but when I became a teenager I longed for more exciting things to do! (There was 1 screen in the cinema at that point!) However, now as soon as I see the rolling hills and black and white buildings, I know I’m home again!

2. ‎Before 2014 I had only flown once, to Spain when I was 5 and ever since I still find it the most exciting part of the journey!
3. ‎In 2016, I joined a society at university and tried my hand at coxing. I became the loud shouty person at the back of a rowing boat, which I love even though I’m struggling with finding the time in my final uni year!

4. ‎I am hypermobile, or double joined as it used to be known! My elbows bend backwards and my knees extend past straight, this was something that wasn’t ever diagnosed until I dislocated my shoulder in Tanzania. Many doctors noticed but never explained it and why I dislocate things all the time! It ended up explaining my sister and mum’s other joint issues so we finally all know!

5. ‎I have an obsession with foreign supermarkets, thankfully so does my boyfriend… We love to compare the items available and the prices. Apparently this is weird, but I just love to see the differences and regional foods!

6. ‎I was trained in ballet from the age of 4 to about 11, until we moved to pointe shoes, which I didn’t want to do. I wasn’t very graceful, nobody believes I was ever a ballet dancer but it did give me weak ankles for life!

I hope you liked this post, it was really good fun to write!
Until next time
The Great Ambini
X x x

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9 Replies to “6 facts about me!”

  1. I love foreign supermarkets as well! I always try to go in one whenever I am in a different country or even around the U.S. just to see if they carry some of the items I already love from all over the world and yes to compare prices! It was nice reading about you!

  2. My great-grandmother came to the United States from Wales, so I have always had an idyllic concept of Wales. And there is nothing wrong of weird about comparing supermarket prices.

  3. Loved reading your travel journey girl!! I could connect with it considering that I too come from a small town in India and had the dreams to explore the world. keep exploring new places and keep writing about them.

  4. You really get a great window into the culture of a place by going to the supermarket and seeing what’s available there! Though admittedly it can also be super confusing…. 😉

  5. A lovely post, and nice to know something about you. I like foreign supermarkets too, they’re so interesting!

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