The 7 stages of holiday excitement

Hello fellow budget hunters

Tomorrow I am off on another adventure – this one I am really excited about as it is a city I have never been to. I have wanted to visit this mysterious european City for over a year now and looking forward to the adventure. (Spoiler alert – it’s here) 

This post is my rambling about the stages of holiday excitement that I always find.

  1.  The flight searching – that browsing through on skyscanner where you feel excited looking at all the places you could visit. This builds up my never ending desire for new places to visit and all the flights I could take.
  2. The decided flight – once you’ve found a flight that fits in your budget and the dates you can make. I get so excited.
  3. The booking – I get very excited when booking my flights, not necessarily the payment as I spend too much money on flights. It feels real and the trip is going ahead.

    2017-04-11 (1)

  4. The accommodation – I normally  check the rough prices before booking but then I scroll through airbnb and to find somewhere we would like to stay. Once it’s booked you get even more excited.
  5. The holiday research – I often then get very excited nearer the trip by searching at where we are going and things we can do. I normally make a rough list and then choose when we’re there.
  6.  The packing – I love getting ready for a holiday and throwing all my clothes into my rucksack for the next trip.
  7.  The journey to the airport – this is the most exciting part when you know that the new place to explore is only hours away.

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So there you have it! My 7 stages of holiday excitement!

This was based on how I was feeling before we went on our summer adventure, but it could relate to everyone!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

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