My summer holiday 2018



It has been a while since I did a sit down rambly post about what I had been up to recently. You may not of noticed as I had 12 posts written and scheduled for when I was away – but I went on holiday!!

I have missed writing my diary style posts, but I know people prefer some of my guides to places. So I will make sure I get a mix in the posts, as this is my site and I want to write everything for myself as well as others.  This is will be my rambles about my holiday (I wrote a diary on the plane each time we moved country so then I can remember everything – but I won’t share all 4000 words of that!!)

I count this holiday as starting when we left Bristol on Saturday the 16th June. On that day we went to a ball at Cambridge University Air Squadron, which was the best night. The food was incredible, I ate a lot, we drank a lot and had such a laugh. We even played lazer tag, went on a bouncy castle and sang very very loudly in the silent disco!

summer holiday                                              

The event was Shrek themed and I had the best time. Even when I stole the A from the FAR FAR AWAY sign one our way out… then got it in the taxi with us.

The following day we went to a garden party at my boyfriends former college.


Holiday destination 1 – Tallinn, Estonia – CULTURE

We stayed here for 3 nights. Our flight left from Stansted at 6.45am and trains didn’t run from Cambridge early enough – so we stayed at the holiday inn express at the airport and could get to the airport in time. They had a free breakfast, which I really enjoyed and then we were on our way.

Ryanair’s new algorithm does not like putting people together if you don’t pay extra – even if the seat next to you is free (which I could see it was). So we sat apart, which I didn’t mind as my boyfriend is normally asleep by the time we finish taxing around the runway.

We arrived in Tallinn and went to our accommodation, then found food as we were so hungry!! After we explored the magical medieval city that is Tallinn.

Tallinn, Estonia

I won’t tell you everything we did and what we got up to as I want to write another post just about that. We didn’t have the best weather, it was around 18c one day and then heavy rain the next and it was sunny the next day too! We are used to the weather, but weren’t super prepared for the day it rained very heavily!

The city is so magical and has the longest intact medieval city walls. I felt like I was in Disneyland in the Old Town, when everyone was dressed up as well!

Tallinn, Estonia


Holiday Destination 2 – Milan – FOOD

So midday on the 21st June, we headed off for our food section of the holiday. I wanted to experience different parts of Italy again, after we went to 4 different cities last summer. I wanted to see the cathedral in Milan and experience the amazing pizza and gelato that you experience in Italy!

When we arrived, I wanted to go to Lake Como and we discussed whether it would be sensible to go on a weekend or a sunday. We decided we should go on the friday, just in case there was crowds on the weekend! While we were there we had some fun experiences that I will write a whole post about. It was one of the most beautiful places I have been, it was exactly like the pictures and so much more!

Lake Como

The next two whole days we had, we decided to explore the cathedral for one day and explore as much of the city as we could the next. I really enjoyed the city, despite a lot of people telling me they weren’t a fan of it. It was not as crowded and the only touristy bit that we found very busy was the square by the cathedral – which is understandable!



Holiday Destination 3 – Corfu – RELAX

On the Monday morning, we headed to the airport again to fly to Corfu. My Mum went to Corfu when she was young and so many of her stories are about it as an island… so when we were searching the cheapest flights from Milan when we were booking our holiday and Corfu came up we had to go!

We booked to go to the fishing village of Benitses which was really nice. It had quite a few resorts, but we stayed somewhere up the hill a little and was a lot cheaper. (We went for room only and bought all our food out!) When we arrived it was raining and the worst weather they had had all year. We had to wade through flood water to get to the bus stop!


The rest of the week was nice-ish but it was hotter back home in the UK!! We went to Corfu Town one day, enjoyed the beach, snorkelling and heading to the pool!

We also found the best restaurant and ate there EVERY day!! On the Saturday we had to say goodbye to Greece and flew back to the UK.


My boyfriend had to go back to work on the monday – BUT I didn’t want to go home… so I joined my parents on their holiday!


Holiday Destination 4 – Limoges – FAMILY

I haven’t been on a holiday with my family since I turned 16. That is 5 years… so I met them in France on the Sunday. It was so lovely staying in their Gite with a pool. The house was so peaceful and we all felt we had been there so much longer than we had been.

While I was there we went to Cognac and did a tour of one of the houses (check out the post on Monday). We went to a WW2 Martyr village which was very poignant and upsetting and it deserves a post of it own.

The town we stayed at was called Aixe-sur-vienne and we ate a few different meals in restaurants on Plat du Jour menus. I really enjoyed the Giteand our host was so lovely, we had the best last evening with her!

Aixe-sur- Vienne

Finally after 23 days of being on holiday…. I came home!

We have a big adventure planned for August/September time, however nothing is finalised yet – I will let you know once everything is sorted!

I hope you enjoyed my holiday diaries!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

x x x

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26 Replies to “My summer holiday 2018”

  1. I LOVE this idea of a travel diary style post – I think I might have to do something like this 🙂 A great read – ps loved the comment at the start about Silent Disco!

  2. Looks like you had a fab time and I can’t believe you had 12 posts written ahead of time. My goodness!! Great effort.

  3. Estonia must have been so interesting, I would love to go there some day and your beautiful post and pictures make me want to go even more!

  4. Looks like you had a great holiday but nice to see Limoges been featured. It is on my bucket list on place to see in France and cant wait to try out the Cognac. I love Tallinn, but prefer it in the winter when it has lots of heavy snow. THe photos I take look like picture postcards 😀

    1. I wish I went to Tallinn in the snow, but it was still magical in the summer. I love west France, it’s where we used to go when I was a kid! Limoges is lovely!

  5. I used to write just travel diary posts. Never graduated into guides. But now I also write travel essays about my learnings. Yes, I should go back to doing it so I don’t forget anything! And, like you, I am writing as many posts as possible because in less than two weeks, I start traveling, too.

  6. You sure did go a lot of places in June!! That must be one of the nice things about living in Europe – it’s so much easier to get to so many different places! In the US, everything is so far away! I wish we had something like economical like Ryanair here, because I love using it when I’m in Europe. The house you stayed at in France looks so quaint and adorable! How fun you got to spend some time there with your family!

    1. I guess that’s the best thing about Europe and a lot of the cities are so so different and a couple of hours away! I find that the craziest as Europe in general isn’t huge, but the variety is great!

  7. What a fabulous summer holiday! I haven’t been to any of those places, except Tallinn, which I just loved. Corfu looks like a fantastic place for some down time, and I would love to see Milan!

  8. What an incredible holiday!! Estonia has been high up on my list for a long time now – hoping to start planning a Baltic road trip in the not-so-distant future! Looks like you got some great weather all around, other than in Estonia, but 18 isn’t too bad! Where you headed in August?!

    1. I’m now headed to India for the rest of the year, although dates have changed a little and I head off in September now! The baltics are lovely and my Latvian friend keeps telling me to visit Riga!

  9. I had me at Tallinn when you said it has longest medieval era wall. I would love to see such a heritage plus one day. I too want to visit Italy for its authentic pizza and famed gelato. Corfu’s photograph is inspiring.

  10. You had me at Tallinn when you said it has longest medieval era wall. I would love to see such a heritage plus one day. I too want to visit Italy for its authentic pizza and famed gelato. Corfu’s photograph is inspiring.

  11. This looks like the perfect summer trip. We visited Tallinn and Milan the other year and absolutely loved them, you are so right, the culture and the food in both those places is incredible and we are looking forward to making a return next year. We’ve not been to the other two but maybe in the future.

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