I finished university!

Yesterday I graduated.

I know. Yesterday I finished university and I received my degree.

I am officially a graduate in Politics and International relations with a 2.1.

Part of me is slightly in shock at this and the experience of graduating. For the past few weeks I have known that my academic career is over (at least for a few years) but today it finally felt the end. A weird sense of closure came while wearing a lovely black gown and a funny hat.






My university experience has been a little bit of a rollercoaster. I’ve made some amazing friends, learnt new skills and proved to myself that I could finish university.

I struggled with my mental health at university, something I have spoken about before on The Great Ambini. At times I felt like I was the only one not having the best time at university, I felt so isolated as everyone else was having the best time.


However, not everyone is.


It took me a while until I decided i needed to meet my friends for coffee and do things to forge proper friendships. I am not a massive drinker and am WAY too short to club properly without being elbowed in the head.


For ages I thought this was the only way to socialise, but it’s really not.

I also joined the rowing club and learnt how to Cox. I made so many friends through this sport, it gave me this sense of control for a bit while I felt like I had no control over everything else. While I am the water I have to be in control of 8 other people. I am the only one who can see, everyone has to trust me and I also can express emotions through racing calls and being passionate.

It took until I did rowing to realise I was part of what everyone else was doing, being integrated in university.

It also took until my penultimate essay to get a first. I suddenly pulled my grade out the bag at the end of the term, after months on teetering on the edge of a 2.1… these good grades at the end pushed me way over into the safe zone. Throughout my time at university, I had listened to my mother’s words. If I did my best, then they would always be proud. Even if my best was only a 3rd grade classification, then I would still be the first to go to university and done my best.

So yesterday I walked across the stage, knowing I had travelled to 8 countries while at university and missed a lot due to my mental health – but there I was with my 2.1 degree.















I did it!

Until next time

The Great Ambini



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