21 places for 21 years!


Yesterday was my 21st birthday! Tonight I am having my 21st birthday party, so I will be super busy seeing all my friends and family! I thought it would be nice to write 21 facts about me, then I realised I already did a short post of some facts. So I decided it was time to do something different, so this is my 21 places I want to visit!!

If anyone was wondering, I was known as the baby with the hair in the hospital!

Instead of finding pictures of these places, I thought it would be cool to stick in some baby pictures!! Thought this would be fun so don’t judge my cute face too much!

Here it is…. some may say bucket list. I am going to call it my 21 places to visit in 21 years!

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru
    Let’s start off with an easy one. The most beautiful place that humans have created!
  2. Havana, Cuba 
    I want to visit Havana and all it’s bright coloured houses!
  3. Munich, Germany 
    Oktoberfest here I come.
  4. Podgorica, Montenegro 
    I have heard the best things about Montenegro!
  5. Dubrovnik, Croatia
    I went to Split, but I want to see the walled city that is Dubrovnik!

    Not much has changed – still a messy eater!
  6. Zanzibar, Tanzania 
    I loved rural Tanzania, but who doesn’t want to visit paradise.
  7. Namibia 
    I have always dreamed of going on safari, without the crowds if I can!
  8. Sri Lanka 
    Elephants, beaches and a little slice of heaven… need I say more!
  9. Goa, India 
    The boyfriend visited this year, the warm seas and pretty views caught my eye! I have my own Indian list of places anyway!
  10. Lombok, Indonesia 
    Especially the pink beaches, but everyone goes to Bali instead!

  11. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia 
    I want to dive there, but part of me is scared that it will have been destroyed by then!
  12. St Petersburg, Russia
    The buildings, the palaces, this is somewhere I want to see for myself!
  13. Madrid, Spain 
    I have been to Barcelona, Murcia and Mazarron, but never been to the Spanish Capital.
  14. Lisbon, Portugal 
    This is a city, I have always dreamed of exploring!
  15. British Colombia, Canada
    My mum’s cousin lives in Victoria and I want to go explore the treks and scenery there!

  16. Lviv, Ukraine
    This is a fairytale style city, that I have just wanted to explore for years!
  17. Gdansk, Poland
    The colourful buildings and rich history makes this a dead cert on my list!
  18. Rio de Janerio, Brazil 
    The way everyone else always has NYC on their list, Rio is on mine!
  19. Costa Rica 
    My sister almost went this summer and I want to go and see turtles!
  20. Bhutan
    A buddist kingdom up in the hills!
  21. Tbilisi, Georgia 

The cobblestone city that reflects the past of Georgia under various empires!

The last one was the hardest as I still want to go to hundreds of places, more and more every day as I read fellow travel bloggers stories!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

x x x

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