Why I started blogging

why blog

Why I started The Great Ambini

Hello fellow budget hunters,

Today I wanted to explain a little more about why I started my blog. I saw a thread in one of the many facebook blogging groups, asking why people started blogging and it made me think. 

why blog


The main reason for starting this site, is that I love writing. I find it therapeutic to write down about my adventures. It is almost a diary for me, except I try to make it helpful! I had previously written a baking blog, but I found it restricting. So I decided to create The Great Ambini.

The Great Ambini

I have explained in my about me section, about my name. However, I will enlighten you further! When I was about 7 or 8, I decided I wanted to be a magician and perform a show to my grandma. My Mum helped me make my posters and named me The Great Ambini. This stuck as a nickname for many years and I am still called it by my parents! I also wanted a name I could use for other posts that weren’t travel related, it needed to be flexible in case I changed my direction. As it happens I only have a few posts that aren’t travel related!

why blog

Answer Questions

I also wrote this blog as I was getting a lot of questions about how I travel and get cheap flights. Rather than repeat myself 20 odd times, I decided to write it down into one place so it was easy to find! Anytime someone asked me a new question, I used it as an advice post.


I also write my blog so my Mum can keep track of where I am in the world. I do normally tell her, but during the summer I was away to so many places in such a short time. This way, she could see I’d left Rome or was heading to Croatia!

I now love my blog so much, it’s my own personal space and helps me. Writing things down helps people in general, it’s great for you mental health and writing skills. The reasons I started my blog aren’t that exciting, but the reasons I stuck around are better.

why blog

I love the travel community, there are so many fantastic bloggers who support me and inspire me on a daily basis. I join great travel threads and read some of the best blog posts! I love my little family of followers and how many people in my personal life who tell me they’ve been reading my blog. These are the reasons I have stayed and I will not be going anywhere for a long time!


Until next time,

The Great Ambini

X x x

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4 Replies to “Why I started blogging”

  1. Great article, I love the travel community, so many inspirational people! I love your name as well, super cute that your parents still call you the Great Ambini haha

  2. Aw that’s really sweet that you started your travel blog so that your mum would know about your whereabouts and your travelling escapades. I started mine because I wanted to share some of the tips I had garnered from my travels which other travellers may find useful when planning their trips to those countries I’ve been 🙂 The travel blogger community is really a strong, closely-knit one.

  3. Congrats to you for starting your blog! I love your stories and your posts…and I also love your spirit of adventure! Keep blogging and keep inspiring all of us.

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