Happy Birthday to the Great Ambini!!

Hello fellow budget hunters!

Today is the anniversary of me setting up my blog – This site is 1 year old today! It blows my mind at how popular it has been during these past 365 days. It turns out people actually want to hear my stories and ramblings! For my blogs birthday I have been busy working behind the scenes and you will be viewing this post from thegreatambini.co.uk – AHHHH I now have a self hosted website, which turned out to be a lot harder to set up than I first imagined!!

However, here we are and you may notice the site has a slightly different look – it’s all an adventure!

This is my 96th post and I am not going anywhere soon…

I just wanted to talk you through some of the adventures I have been on since starting this blog.

First we went to Timisoara – which was so beautiful! And took a day trip to Serbia…

Then we went to Sofia, just before the big adventure.

The big summer adventure involved going to Mazarron, Marseille, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Split, Paris and then back to the UK.

This autumn we returned to Romania, to Cluj-Napoca for a smaller weekend break!


I hope you continue to read and enjoy my stories!

A big thank you to everyone for following and making this whole experience worthwhile!

Sending all my love

The Great Ambini

x x x

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