5 Things to do in Timisoara, Romania!

5 things to do in Timisoara

5 things to do in Timisoara


Hello fellow budget hunters

Today I am writing about one of my favourite places I have ever been! We are back on another post about Timisoara in Romania.

5 things to do in Timisoara

This city was just somewhere we picked at random as it was very cheap to fly to, and it stole part of my heart. I keep recommending it as a place to visit to loads of other travellers, but I realised I had no guide of things to do there.

I wrote diary style posts while we were there and a post about why I loved it. So today I decided to write about all my favourite things to do there :-


  1. Unity square –

    This is the most beautiful and photogenic place. So many Instagram pictures were taken here and I loved the history of this square. It doesn’t take much searching on the internet to find out the history of each building and its colour.
    5 things to do in Timisoara

  2. Sit in a cafe on unity square –

    I loved sitting in one of the many cafes drinking coffee or iced coffees and watching the world go by. This seemed to be the most popular thing to do with locals, so it wasn’t easy getting a table at the most popular cafes. We loved the homemade lemonade which was about £1.70 for a pint. This was how I imagined Italy to feel, and although I was disappointed by Italy… Romania left its mark on my heart and ignited my love of coffee.


  3. Explore the Cathedral –
    This was a beautiful place. So different from any sort of architecture I had ever seen before and it was just so pretty. It was built between 1936 and 1941 and is just worth a look around. 5 things to do in Timisoara
  4. Visit revolution square – This was the only place in the ‘Collapse of the Warsaw Pact’ (technically Romania was only in the sphere of influence and not a Soviet country) that had any conflict. Romania was the only country that didn’t collapse peacefully, and the revolution started in revolution square.

    There was also a super cool map of the city in 3D in this square.5 things to do in Timisoara

  5. Go to the Iberis Mall – I had always seen pictures of big shopping malls in America and Dubai, but UK shopping centres don’t look like those. We went mainly to change some cash, but it was stunning inside. There was so much granite and it just seemed so classy – a massive contrast from surrounding buildings which are traditionally Romanian, then there are ex-Soviet style blocks of flats and brand new glass shopping malls! It is such a crazy contrast of history.
  6. Bonus –
    This isn’t strictly Romania, but Timisoara is the city with a direct link to Belgrade. The train station was filled with backpackers we had not seen before all heading there. We, however, went to Vrsac instead, that well-known destination 😉 we wrote a whole post about shocking the tourist office, by actually being tourists!

5 things to do in Timisoara

So that’s my list. We also went to the art gallery, which was fun as we were followed by security and loved that there was more staff than people in there. (We were the only two)

I love Timisoara and I can’t wait to return to that crazy place again!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini



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Timisoara in Romania is an amazing city and there's so many things to do there. This is a guide to the top 5 #timisoara #romania

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