The best (and worst) food I ate in Essaouira.

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Today is another storytime, this one about the best food I ate while I was in Essaouira. Our trip to Essaouira was one of my favourites and the town is one of my favourites. While we were there we ate at lots of different places. In my experience, the menus all said tagines, couscous and kebabs as the main options. This was fairly similar everywhere we went and there was very little variation unless we went to an Italian or French restaurant.

The best food in Essaouira?

The first day, in particular, was the day we had the best food – it was a lemon chicken tagine and was so beautiful!

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The meat was so tender it fell off the bone and the flavour had seeped through to the meat. Every mouthful was pure bliss and my boyfriend had a beef and prune tagine which was exactly the same.

The meat was tender and flavoured, the tagine bread was still warm and we just loved every mouthful.


The restaurant in particular had ‘plat du jour’ so we had those and desserts, and of course the mint tea – which is compulsory in Morocco! We were the only customers and sat inside as during January, it got cold at night in Essaouira.

I believe it was called Restaurant la Decouverte.

The place, sat in a courtyard just off the main road in Essaouira, just before the square and the man who ran it was very quick to run out with a menu. He was very charming and appeared to cook everything himself in the kitchen next door.

After such a wonderful meal, we left and decided it was the best place we had been!

The worst meal we had in Essaouira

The following day, we decided to go back – after looking at lots of similar menus, we decided to return.

(Also my boyfriend had left his scarf there so we had been back in the day and promised to come for dinner)

Both of us had decided that we would try the ‘pastilla’ on the menu that we had seen before. I think we both picked chicken and I’m sad I never photographed it!

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Out came a filo pastry that was folded into a circle and filled with vegetables and some meat. Then topped with cinnamon and icing sugar which made it taste sweet.

The filling was bland and had no flavour, so all we could taste was the sugar coating the outside. My partner managed almost all of his and I left about a quarter but it was very difficult to eat – within 2 days we had the best and worst food in Morocco – in the same restaurant!

Obviously, we didn’t want to offend our new friend so paid and politely left. Maybe other pastillas are nice but that one certainly was not my favourite!

I would highly recommend Essaouira for the array of French and Moroccan food!

I hope you laughed at our strange food combinations



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  1. It’s always fun how a dish can be just amazing and another so bad in the same place! The lemon tagine sounds very very good – it’s a dish that I really enjoy!

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