How to explore Lake Como

explore lake como


This is going to be a post about getting the train to Lake Como from Milan and what you can do there!

explore lake como

I loved Lake Como and it was one of the best things we did while in Milan. It is the most beautiful place and looks so idyllic. This post will only be about the Como end of Lake Como, as we didn’t get the chance to visit Lecco or any of the other areas along the lake.

Apparently this upscale resort it a hit with minor celebrities – who knew?

Getting there

explore lake como

I struggled to find information about this for a while, so in the end, we went to the Cadorna station and just asked.

The easiest way is Cadorna station to Lago Como Nord. The tickets are €9.60 for a return and leave twice every hour.

Except for the hour we got there and we had to wait 56 minutes for the next train. (Go earlier than 11 am to learn from our lesson!)

The train takes about an hour but is air-conditioned and double-decker.

Lake Como

Once you get off the train, walk out the station and you are at the lake. We found it so beautiful and just wanted to walk around it.

Lake Como is long (50km), narrow and extremely deep. Lake Como has been popular as a resort since the days of the Roman Empire. Ever since people have admired the blue waters and relaxed in luxurious villas in the wooded lakeside slopes above or wondered around looking at the beauty. 

explore lake como

Things to do

We only did a couple of things, I will start with what we did first, then suggest other things you can do and link some things to do guides.

Walk around the lake –

We walked almost two miles around the lake before the road changed direction and we struggled to stick to the water’s edge. It is so beautiful to just take in the views and we noticed lots of benches and parks to sit in.

The Funicular Railway

My boyfriend had never been on one of these before (there’s a few in Wales). Once you are at the top the views are INSANE!! There was a walk you could do to a viewpoint and it was amazing. You can see the Alps in the distance, over these beautiful hills.

explore lake como
Spot the almost vertical railway

It cost 5,50 euros for a return, but it was worth it. The views are beautiful.

explore lake como


This isn’t for everyone, but after a little couples spat at the top of the hill about my aching knees… we compromised when we saw the pedalos open and hired one. It was €10 euros for half an hour and we took full advantage of this. I had planned to write a whole post, but I’m not sure it would be super exciting.

explore lake como

We were in a little metal pedalo and we’re told to stay close. My boyfriend took that information and decided to pedal over a kilometre up the lake to see a boat we had seen earlier. Then tried to wind me up by clipping buoys. Mental note – I should not have left him in control. Instead, I took lots of pictures while pedalling, especially of the little red and yellow pedalo.

explore lake como

Things we didn’t do:

Take a Boat trip across the lake –

Cruises and boat trips are super popular across the lake and I am sad we didn’t see those first! I am joking, I loved a pedalo.

Visit lakeside towns –

We only saw Como, but the most famous to explore is Bellagio or Varenna which is famous for its pastel-coloured buildings.

Go to a Villa –

There are lots of villas that sit along the edges of the Lake. Most people try to visit  Villa Melzi (Bellagio) which has a traditional English Garden. (Something I have seen a lot of over the years)

explore lake como

I really loved Lake Como, but after 5 hours in the scorching Italian Sun, I decided to head back. The sun had already got to my skin and it was now glowing! An important lesson – wear suncream and actually reapply it.

All in all, I loved our day trip to Lake Como. It was really fun and I see why it was a hit holiday destination in the 80s. It never once felt crowded or busy.  We did only see the Como end of the lake, but I am assured the rest is also beautiful!

I recommend going either for a day trip or for a couple of days – there are enough things to do!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini


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The complete guide of things to do in Lake como and how to get there from Milan. #milan #lakecomo #como #italy #travelblogger The complete guide of things to do in Lake como and how to get there from Milan. #milan #lakecomo #como #italy #travelblogger The complete guide of things to do in Lake como and how to get there from Milan. #milan #lakecomo #como #italy #travelblogger

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12 Replies to “How to explore Lake Como”

  1. Italy is probably the European country I have visited the most. I can’t believe that I still haven’t been to Lake Como. Great to see that the train is so cheap to get there from Milan. Looks like a great place to relax an unwind – how long would you recommend someone needing to experience it properly?

    1. That’s a good question, I would say a couple of days to explore it properly! Definitely worth a visit, it is beautiful!

  2. Lake Como is a place I’d love to visit, and even though you only had a few hours there you did some interesting things and ones I’d like to do as well. Glad that it is so easy to get to with the train. Noted to check times to avoid a layover!

  3. Lago di Como is my favorite of the North Italian lakes – mainly because of its size and shape. All the villages are so scenic and everything has such a noble feel to it. I love going there.

  4. What a wonderful post & love all the details you have mentioned to visit Lake Como. we wish to go there soon , so this would be really worth pinning 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lessons of wisdom learned from experience — use that sunscreen and reapply it for sure! We’ve all been there. We’ve seen too many trips cut short by other folks because one or the other got a bit toasted by the sun and needed to get indoors. 😉 Walking around the lake sounds divine! And I suspect that staying in a villa would allow one to really enjoy walking in the more quiet of the early morning or late evening, and escape the sun too.

  6. It sounds like you fit a lot into your five hour trip to Lake Como. I love with finding a train. Lake Como is just stunning. I would love to get here one day. I’m sure the view from the funicular railway were beyond comparison. The Pedalo does sound like an adventure, but not one I would want to do with a bad knee.

  7. Definitely sounds like there would be plenty of things to do there. I love scenic lakes, it’s so peaceful to just sit and let the afternoon laze away! Very cool to hear that the train station drops you right there, I was expecting a walk or other form of transportation between the train and the lake. That certainly is much more convenient!

  8. Oh I just love Lake Como Italy , I went with my husband a few years ago for a long weekend. It is such a beautiful place to explore it is a shame that you did not have a chance to go on a boat trip or head to Bellagio . It definitely gives you an excuse to head back again 🙂 Like you will struggled to find information about getting there via train , so we go a transfer. We found when we were there that we could get a train was super easy on our way back.

  9. Lake Como really is a beautiful part of the world, topped off with some bloody beautiful food! If you had more time there what do you think you would’ve done?

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