How to get from Port Blair to Havelock Island

elephant beach Havelock

Back at you with some travel advice today. When I searched for this online it was very difficult information to source so I thought I’d put together a guide to getting from Port Blair to Havelock.

Originally we weren’t going to visit Havelock as we thought 3 days wouldn’t be enough. However, it was perfect and everything I had ever dreamed of. I can see why they call it the Maldives of India.

Port Blair to Havelock

I have some posts planned on elephant beach, advice for Havelock and what you must see and do there – so keep your eye out!

RAP – Restricted Area Permit

This used to be an extra piece of paperwork you filled out upon arrival to the Andaman Islands. Now 23 of the most popular islands no longer ask for this so do not be alarmed if you are not given one but see signs for it. As of August 2018, they are no longer necessary on the main islands, Havelock and Neil.

To find out more check out the government site here.


How to get to Havelock

By ferry

This is the main way to get to Havelock and is much more budget friendly than the other suggestions.

There are 3 companies that run crossings to Havelock. These are Makruzz and Green Ocean and then the government ferry. We got Makruzz in both directions and enjoyed our experience with them.

Port Blair to Havelock



We used the most popular ferry, Makruzz who have 3 crossings per day from Port Blair to Havelock and 2 from Havelock to Port Blair. They also continue on from Havelock to Neil island twice per day.

These timings are –


They have two catamaran boats which take only 90 minutes to do the port Blair to Havelock journey.

Port Blair to Havelock

Makruzz prices

They have 3 classes. Premium prices are 1425 Rs each way (excluding GST)

Deluxe are 1955Rs and royal are 3125 Rs each way.

The seats are comfortable in premium (their name for economy) and they assign you seats at check-in.

During peak season, December and January, there is a 100 rs fee extra per person.

Makruzz website

Their website is very difficult to work and can be very temperamental. For me, I found it a little weird to use especially as it was difficult to select a return journey. However, we bought our way out at 7.15am as the 9.30 crossing was full.

When we got to port Blair, every driver offered to get us ferry tickets if we didn’t already. This was also the same in Havelock, however as we had no cash – we ended up going to the office ourselves where they took card payments.

Getting a ferry at Port Blair


The Haddo jetty is the main port for Makruzz. We got an autorickshaw there and then walked into one big room.

There we had to scan our bags and have the metal detector. (From experience you get this going into Malls and hotels in India)
Then we joined a queue to the waiting room. Our tickets were checked and then one of us had to go with our ID and check in.

Port Blair to Havelock
This is the waiting room in all the chaos!

Like an aeroplane, we had seats assigned and then we had to wait for boarding. A guy shouted our ferry name and as we couldn’t hear we went to ask.

He got us to stand in the queue and then we had our tickets checked once more before being allowed onto the ship.

At Havelock, the experience was more relaxed. We just had to check in at the office and then wait for someone to shout our boat.

The boat even waited for a very large family of 20 who were late!

Green ocean 

This is a much smaller boat and is often filled up faster. The tickets prices are –

And it’s timings are –

Port Blair to Havelock




Havelock to Port Blair 



Their prices also range from 1407 Rs to 1761 Rs each way.

This is the other popular company for getting to Havelock. We tried to get tickets but it’s Monday morning crossing was full when we asked on Saturday!

Port Blair to Havelock
The waiting area in Havelock is outside

Government Ferry

This takes over 2 and a half hours to do the crossing. It is difficult to find the schedule online and it is printed at the ticket counters in Port Blair and Havelock.

The crossing costs 850 Rs and leaves Port Blair from Phoenix Bay Jetty (different from Makruzz and Green Ocean)

Other ways to get to Havelock

By air

Helicopter schedule

Check out the schedule here for the helicopter journeys.


The schedule is also here for the seaplane – including prices!

**These keep changing so I have decided not to put the schedule up**

Private boat

These can be hired and chartered to get from island to island. There is more information about this here on this website. However, some of them you may need to book in advance or upon reaching Port Blair.

I hope this guide gave you an insight into how to get to this magical place that is Havelock island.

Until next time

The Great Ambini

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The andaman islands are the maldives of India, but getting to the world 7th best island is not easy. Here is a simple guide to the ferries to Havelock. #havelock #andman #india #incredibleindia The andaman islands are the maldives of India, but getting to the world 7th best island is not easy. Here is a simple guide to the ferries to Havelock. #havelock #andman #india #incredibleindia The andaman islands are the maldives of India, but getting to the world 7th best island is not easy. Here is a simple guide to the ferries to Havelock. #havelock #andman #india #incredibleindia

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  1. This is a great guide, really informative. Sometimes when you are doing these ferry trips it seems like there are so many different options, it can get quite confusing especially when there is no one to explain the options properly without trying to sell you the most expensive one!

  2. I think the way you’ve put the information from the different ferry sites is very useful and makes it easier to pick the best option. I have not been to India yet but my daughter will be travelling there early next year.

  3. A very thorough and concise review of traveling to Port Blair. It’s great to have the ferry companies, plus their schedule and rates listed in one place. Also, good to know there are alternatives modes of transportation as well.

  4. This is a very informative post that would be useful for anyone planning to visit Havelock Island. It must be beautiful if it’s known as the Maldives of India.

  5. Great guide and really informative here. The main thing I learnt here is I know that there is a Havelock Island in the world. I never heard of it but would consider hitting up the place to see the Maldives of India.

  6. This is a really informative guide especially as I’ve never been to the Maldives of India. Sounds like a paradise especially with the water in your first picture. Definitely a great way to save money transfering your self the place and now I want to add Havelock island to my list.

  7. Your report is really very informative, thank you! It’s good to know that you have so many options to get from Port Blair to Havelock. I inform myself in advance always very carefully when we are traveling, as this report can help great.

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