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This is going to be another restaurant review on The Great Ambini. I am super excited to write about this amazing restaurant as I had such a good meal there. We went to Paati Veedu during my first week here in Chennai.

paati veedu

The Restaurant


Opened in March 2018, currently considered the hottest restaurant in Chennai, we headed here purely as it was on the long list of places to try – and we needed to go out with other colleagues of my boyfriends.


Apparently, the popular trend in Chennai is dim-sum, appealing to millennials and club style restaurants. So the refined decor here is much more manageable on the eye, it is traditional and comforting to appeal to the ‘grandma’s kitchen’ vibe.


When discussing with the Hindu, the owner Mohandas discusses his menu. “We wanted to start it in Chennai because this is the difficult market,” says Mohandas. “This is our baptism by fire.” Catering to Chennai meant there was no room for error. Chennai’s customers may forgive a lopsided pesto pasta, but no Mylapore aunty is going to tolerate a sloppy sambar. “We took more than a year to perfect the recipes, to source good ghee, vadams, podis etc.”


The food at Paati Veedu


It was so good. The food is aimed at Instagram and I promise it is beautiful. You pay a set price (it was 990 Rs the day we went) and can have extra portions of anything you like.




This was the first course, it was 4 different fruit juices and they were lovely. The flavours were nannari sharpath, orange apple and ginger, watermelon twister and lemon and mint flavoured, but the local spiced one was my favourite.

paati veedu




The first plate of starters was some spiced chips, which I found a little hot. Then some flavoured beans and some fried vegetables. It was lovely and elegantly presented.

paati veedu


The next starter was a rava dosa with accompanying sambar and dishes. The sambar was so thick and the best I have ever tasted! I ordered a second dosa and one of the group ordered 4 thinking this was the main course.

paati veedu




This was my least favourite course, it was a thin soup with one flavoured of pineapple. I found it a little oily but had half of it.

paati veedu


Main course


This was another dosa, a roti and rice along with the accompanying dishes. It was lovely, the food was wholesome and felt like ‘grandmas’ cooking.

paati veedu


I loved this course, it all went together so well.


The dessert


This was javarisi payasam and elaneer halva and my personal favourite Gulab Jaman, it was a very lovely course. There wasn’t a massive portion so thankfully we didn’t have a sugar overload.

paati veedu


Except I love saffron and syrup so I had 4 Gulab Jaman. (Not even sorry though!)


The meal was then finished with a south Indian coffee, served in two pots.

paati veedu


I have been drinking them every day at breakfast so I can mix them between the two dishes. It is meant to help the flavour and also cool the coffee down, but I love it because it is fun!

There is also a sweet shop on site and the whole ambience of this restaurant was beautiful. I will be returning!


This was my favourite meal I have had here so far. I was very full when we finished, the staff were lovely and attentive.


It was such a good meal and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to experience Grandma’s south Indian cooking.

Until next time,

The Great Ambini


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