How expensive is Sofia?

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It’s time for the latest chapter in my How Expensive is.. series. This time I will be doing my sums for our 4 night trip to the Bulgarian Capital. It was a beautiful place and we had such a lovely time – I would recommend Eastern Europe to anyone who wants to save a few pennies in an awesome place!


So our flights cost us £23 and before you ask how – Look at my last post on my Flight Hacks. I also like to include airport transfers into this one which cost me £10.75. We were lucky enough to be picked up from the airport by our airbnb host and got the metro back which cost us about £0.74 for a one way journey.


This is another expensive part of the budget – we luckily had £30 free credit on airbnb (Which you can too by using the referral code above!). So we managed to find a lovely studio flat in Sofia which was £14 a night and overall including the cleaning/taxes it was £44 with our discount. Halving that and it was £22 for the 4 nights and a 2am lift from the airport! Amazing price – If you want to check it out I will leave a link here.


Food/Drink and Gifts

We only found free things to do in Sofia which was very budget friendly and also due to the blistering heat – All we wanted to do was eat ice cream and relax! We ate out for lunch and dinner every day and although it wasn’t the cheapest – we exchanged £90 over our days there between us for all the food we wanted. Including fried Gouda (10/10 would recommend – except for those who like healthy eating!) So I believe that one is £45 each for food, drink, many many gelatos and presents.


All together I believe we spent £101.50 for our 4 night adventure to the beautiful capital. I understand we manage to find awesome deals and not everyone can do that but I would definitely look up visiting Bulgaria at some point. It also has cheap beaches and is fantastic.

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11 Replies to “How expensive is Sofia?”

  1. Parts of Sofia are so regal, its difficult to believe it is an affordable destination. Saving on accommodation, of course, goes a long way in controlling one’s expenses. I would be having gelato and ice cream every day too.

  2. Four days for 100 bucks?! Incredible. Honestly I’d spend more money on a long weekend at home! I visited Sofia years ago at Christmastime, and while the lights were lovely, everything was so damp and gray I didn’t fall in love (I’m a vitamin D addict). The blue skies in these photos make me think that perhaps I’ll have to give Sofia another shot!

  3. What a deal! Or rather, what a series of deals! Sofia looks absolutely beautiful and worth many times what you ended up paying for your long weekend. Thanks for the awesome writeup!

  4. I am ashamed to say this but I have never been to Sofia – and I live in Bucharest 🙁 I guess it’s one of those places that I’ve avoided just because it’s too close to me 🙂 but it sounds very cheap! And I promise I will one day make it – it’s easily reachable by car from Bucharest!

  5. Apart from airfare, I find accommodation to be the most expensive part of traveling. It’s awesome that you had a free Airbnb credit, but even then the studio flat was such a steal!!! I’ve never thought to visit Sofia, but am for sure tempted now!

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