10 ways to feel happier

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Hello fellow budget hunters,

Today I am going to suggest 10 ways to help you feel happier. I am currently having a sad few days and I am trying to prevent myself from slipping into my depressive episodes. I have written a couple of posts about my depression and I won’t go into it too much again!

However, I have a few tips and tricks that I think should be shared, on how to be happier. I am now happier with less possessions and clothing, and experiencing different countries has given me a wider understanding of how to be happier with less.

This is 10 ways to be a bit happier and how to incorporate these into everyday life. (I will also throw in some cute holiday pictures!)

  1. Smile more – I am naturally a smiley person and when I go to London, people must think I am mad the amount I smile at strangers. There is science behind this though, smiling can reduce pain and are even contagious. If you smile at someone, they often smile back and it can spread like happy wildfire.
  2. Grateful and appreciate what you have – In Tanzania I realised that we need to be grateful for all the luxuries we do have in life. Who knew that you would miss an oven and cooking utensils? While in Tanzania, we cooked on an open fire, with poor ventilation and showered in a bucket. This gave me such a difference perspective on the world after that.
  3. Set goals and make plans – I always try to find something to look forward to, like a holiday or even a goal to focus on. I am running a 5k race for a cancer charity. If you want to donate (Here’s the link)
  4. Take responsibility for your own happiness – It is easy to blame depression
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others – It is really hard to avoid people’s perfect lives all over instagram, but just stop comparing and you will feel so much better!
  6. Limit social media –  it’s in your hand all the time but it’s so easy to get sucked in and feel miserable after comparing yourself!
  7. Avoid bad vibes – if people make you feel bad then avoid toxic people. Hang  out with people who make you feel good and happy about what you’re doing!
  8. Give more and help people more – volunteering and doing random acts of kindness make such a difference to your own mindset!
  9. Have some me time – find time for a hobby of yours, this is my greatest hobby, but it is important to make time for hobbies that make you happy
  10. Look after yourself – have days off from stressing, indulge in self care and cheat days. Be kind to yourself!!

I hope some of these tips helped you, even if you are travelling full time they are good to follow and make yourself feel happier!

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

x x

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