How to get from Corfu airport to Benitses

Corfu, Corfu Old Town

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After my last post about Corfu, I thought I should make a guide to buses in Corfu. When we booked our accommodation we were offered a 30 euro transfer from the airport. We are cheap, this is a budget travel blog so I knew there must be another way to get there for much cheaper! Therefore, I told my boyfriend we would find a way there using public transport and we did. This will be a guide to everything I learnt about how to get to Benitses from Corfu airport.


The bus stop from the airport


Corfu airport doesn’t have a bus directly to Benitses. You have to either get a bus into town and back out (nightmare, unless you want to visit Corfu Old town with all your luggage) or walk the 15 minutes to the bus station or to the bus stop at Lidl.

We arrived during the only rain the island had seen in weeks. This meant everything was flooded and the short walk took us a while as we had to take our shoes off and wade through the water!

I promise Corfu is beautiful, this was just the picture I took trying not to drop my phone in the flood waters


I am one of the unluckiest travellers, so of course, the weather would turn the exact moment we arrived in Corfu, Greece. An island with 2546 hours of sunshine a year and we came in peak season while it rained! Less about the weather though, onto the buses!


Green or Blue Buses


I had looked up green buses and knew the routes we needed from the bus station. When we got there the lady at the desk refused to sell us a ticket as we weren’t going to one of the resorts in Benitses. We also didn’t know which resort was closest, so she pointed us to the stop outside in the rain.

Outside in the rain, we checked the timetable and could see there was one coming in 25 minutes. You can find their timetables here on the blue buses (or Corfu buses) website.


Apparently, the bus drivers use the timetables as a guide and ours turned up 10 minutes early. Normally in the UK, the bus would wait until it’s allotted time to ensure everyone made it on time. In Corfu, if you miss it you have to wait another 30 minutes for the next one even though the bus was early.


(This was our experience and also supported by the owners of our hotel – they laughed a lot about our story and called us brave.)


We got blue bus number 6 to Benitses/Mpenitses. This is fairly frequent and you can often see them swinging around the road from Benitses beach!




You can buy your blue bus tickets from the driver.

Normal ticket 2,40 euros

All day ticket 5 euros


Special pre-bought tickets 1,70 euro.


Although we couldn’t work out how you got the special cheaper tickets and decided that 2,40 euro was a good deal for the 11km journey anyway!

Corfu, Corfu Old Town


Corfu airport to Benitses


After you’ve walked 15 minutes, got on the bus then it is only 25 minutes into Benitses and the driver often announces it for the tourists!

We get a lovely view of the coastal road around the island. We had a leaky bus on the way and 3 of the 4 buses we went on had signs in German which confused us a little. In the end, we assumed the buses were bought from Germany at their retirement and used here, as is common across Europe. 


The journey is 11km and takes 25 minutes.

The walk is short to the station (there are signs for green buses everywhere telling you how far!) and saved ourselves 20 euros!


Hope this helps if you’re heading to Benitses from Corfu airport!

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If you want to save money and use public transport in Corfu. This is the ultimate guide to get from the airport to benitses using the bus. #benitses #bus #corfu #corfubus #publictransport If you want to save money and use public transport in Corfu. This is the ultimate guide to get from the airport to benitses using the bus. #benitses #bus #corfu #corfubus #publictransport

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