Why I didn’t like Rome

why I didn't like Rome

Why I didn’t like Rome


Hello fellow budget hunters,

Today’s post is going to be another controversial one. I’m just going to go out there and say that I didn’t really like Rome.

why I didn't like Rome

**Disclaimer, this is my personal opinion based on my experience of the city. This is not meant to offend or upset anyone and should not be taken as fact. **


I was disappointed by Rome definitely, one of my favourite books is Eat Pray Love, so I have this romanticised version of Rome in my head. Eat Pray Love is such a clichéd book, but it came to me at a time where I needed it and it’s journey of self-discovery.

So I thought I would explain a little more about why I wasn’t keen on Rome.



I found Rome very very crowded, we went in July so I expected crowds. But the busy narrow streets in Rome just made everything so much worse.

There was tour groups everywhere, absolutely packed if you were stuck behind a tour group and I just found it suffocating.

Why I didn't like rome

I’ve heard other people in other months feel the same way about the city being claustrophobic.



Everyone raves about the food in Rome, but it wasn’t the best Italian food. It’s like comparing London as having the best food in the UK… It doesn’t. Bologna has the best food in my experience and the tourist areas of Rome had such a mixed selection of tourist prices and shocking food.

Why I didn't like Rome

The best pizza we had was near our accomodation in the south east of the city, in a more local area. However in general, I wasn’t super amazed by the food in Rome.


Public transport

I wrote about this in my Italian travel mistakes, but there’s currently only two metro lines. These cross once and I just found that difficult to organise and it was limiting to the places we could go without walking.

Why I didn't like Rome

We didn’t try the buses, but I assume they run like most other buses – sometimes always on time, sometimes late!


The hype

Rome has such a big hype about it and how beautiful the city is. My grandmother told me how much she loved it and wanted to go back. However, I kept walking around expecting to fall in love with it and I didn’t.

Why I didn't like Rome

I kept feeling really underwhelmed by everything. I understood the historical importance and loved the Colosseum/Roman forum and I enjoyed the art in churches/Vatican museum, but I just didn’t get a love for the city.

Why I didn't like Rome


Lots of people fell for the city, but I just didn’t get that moment of love. In fact I was disappointed, I expected to be in this amazing place full of romance and food. Instead it just felt crowded and uncomfortable.

I’ve been to Morocco, so people trying to sell me things is not unusual at all! In Rome it was frequent, but never anything we wanted (except frozen water bottles).

Why I didn't like Rome

I just didn’t get on with Rome, and that’s okay… During our trip we went to other Italian cities and I loved some of those.

Some people click with places and others hate them…

I may never return to Rome, but I did try to enjoy my time there as some of my best memories are from people watching and just generally laughing at small things.

Please comment if you found the same in Rome or other cities


Until next time

The Great Ambini


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8 Replies to “Why I didn’t like Rome”

  1. I didn’t love Rome either. I am glad I have been. I think its good not to love everywhere you go anyway and are able to experience things you dont really like. The crowds spoilt the beauty in my opinion and there is NOWHERE to just sit!!! We walked and walked. No cafe culture as they dont sit and have a coffee (Which is of course fine as its interesting to see how different cultures do things) but there was no open space either and with 3 hot sweaty kids I just wanted to sit! Xx

    1. I am glad it is not just me!
      It must be so difficult to find somewhere for all of you to sit I’m sure, I normally just perch on a step until Bhargav moans! There’s only one of me to worry about haha xx

  2. Your posts about Italy are almost entirely negative, not just surrounding Rome. As an Italian you claiming Bologna has the best food is laughable, each region/city has its own speciality so there’s no comparison. If you’re going to be so negative and ignorant about cities like Rome and Venice (yes I’ve read your post) then I’d suggest not visiting Italy again!

    1. If you’d read my many other posts about Venice, you’d see that I actually really loved it. I wrote a post about why I personally didn’t go on a gondola and a few things to watch out for and how to save money in my tips post, but they weren’t all negative. I’ve just left Milan and lake Como, both places I’ve thoroughly loved and that will be reflected in my blog posts.

      I understand the regional differences in food, and we all know Italy has the best food in the world… It was just an observation I found that I preferred the food there and also really loved my time in that city. I also wrote a post about the best sandwich in Florence, as I enjoyed some great food there and wanted to share the experience.

      I appreciate your time in writing this comment and giving feedback, I knew this would be a controversial topic.

  3. I haven’t been to Rome yet and I will wait to explore it so I can share my feelings about it. For now, I love reading different experiences from there. It is normal that you will prefer one place over another and that you can’t love every city in the world. Keep up the awesome job!

  4. Got home from Rome last night. We loved it. But even Disneyland has negatives.

    Here’s our list:
    Dense, crowded, and a constant barrage of vendors with umbrellas, selfie sticks, etc.
    Totally agree with the comment about NOWHERE to just sit and relax.
    Often confusing who to listen to at the major sites. Am I being herded into a line by official crowd control? Or by a rip-off tour company? Signage is lacking.
    Some people are very friendly and helpful. Others do it just for a handout (and possibly to see which pocket your money is in). You gotta use your intuition.

    All that said, we’ve been to most major cities in the world and there’s always down sides. And they are often the same down sides. But Rome’s history, architecture, and food far outweigh the negatives.

  5. I visited in September; after a lovely (freaking amazing) stay on the Amalfi Coast, we headed to Rome. It was crowded, but thankfully not as crowded as it would have been in July. I am not crazy about Rome. I wanted to love it, but…

    I wished we stayed on the AC or at least ventured over to Venice as was my original plan. We had a great time people watching, laughing at small things, catching busses, riding trains, and getting lost in the city. Also, I agree with you about the food. Definitely overrated and overpriced. The best we ate during that trip was when we were on the AC. What really made Rome amazing for me were the locals. The people are so warm and welcoming. Very nice and extremely patient. We spend most of our time dining with locals, making friends, and being led around Rome by these friends. But I definitely share your sentiments! When we return to the AC, we will either stay their the full duration of the visit w/day trips scattered about or break it up with a visit to Venice.

    We weren’t completely disappointed, as it was our anniversary, so we definitely enjoyed our vacation. We’ll just plan differently next time around.

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