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Hello fellow budget hunters

First of all, I’ve hit 3000 views this week and my blog has been read in over 63 countries which blows my mind! Thanks for all your support and I’ll be here as long as you are!

This is going to be a short post filled with loads of beautifully unedited photos. This is because I started uni again today so have a million other things to do except edit and because most of these pictures barely need editing. One day I will be a proper travel blogger and photographer but one thing at a time!

Venice is beautiful and so surreal so I hope some of these show you some of it’s beauty. Also I went in July during peak season – there will be tourists!

Much love

TheGreat Ambini


IMG_3225 - CopyIMG_3182 - CopyIMG_3139 - Copy

But wait hold on.. there’s more! (Look at the slideshow)


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