The UK’s snow drama

Hello fellow budget hunters

Today I’m inside and stuck really… I came home on sunday for a family event and planned to leave on Wednesday morning.

In that time the UK managed to get weather warnings in place and the hilariously named “beast from the east”. Now anyone from a country that actually experiences snow must be crying with laughter at the weather in the UK right now! However, we currently have red weather warnings in place and it’s a risk to life. So we can’t be over reacting this time…

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The trains are all cancelled, the roads are at a standstill and the supermarkets are empty. There’s mass panic and at the first few days it wasn’t much, but today the snow is getting deep!

I know we have a stereotype about being obsessed with the weather in England. This is true, but mainly because we have the varied weather from the gulf stream and central europe. It is an obsession especially when it comes to snow. We normally only get a decent amount of the white stuff in la niña years – like winter 2017-2018!


I might be stuck at my parents house, but they have the fullest freezer I know of and a tin cupboard that would starve off a nuclear apocalypse!

I like snow for a few minutes, when I throw a few snowballs and make a snowman but then I hate seeing it constantly on the news. The news just shows lots of snow and all the traffic chaos!


I’ve taken a few pictures but due to my lack of a laptop there will be a delay until i share them here. I’m hoping other people will be laughing at Britain and our incompetence to deal with snow!

Hopefully I won’t be stranded for much longer, but there’s worse places you can get stuck!

I hope if you’re in the snow, that you’re keeping warm and if you’re somewhere warm – I am very jealous and would like to switch places!

Until next time!

The Great Ambini

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  1. hahha Actually that’s everything everybody talks about here up in Scotland, the airports are shut, trains aren’t running, all buses services have been cut and no taxis available to book in advance. I work in a hotel close to an airport, so you can imagine 😛
    Today I had a mother and daughter from the States and they couldn’t believe that all shops and restaurants were closed due to the snow, they told me the amount of snow we have now is what they get on a light winter day.
    Overall, I like seeing the white stuff too, looks pretty and it’s cool to make snowmen for a change 🙂 and being stuck home is actually great! I’m sure your family was delighted to have you longer over hehe

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