5 things to do in Malmo!

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Today I have decided to do a throwback post – About the place that I went to on our first date. Yes – we went on holiday for our first date, but that’s because we’re weird and had just spent a summer together!

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city (behind Stockholm and Gothenburg) and is connected to Copenhagen via the Oresund Bridge. It is a very short train journey between the two cities, making Malmö an excellent day-trip option from the Danish capital . OR you could do what we did, and stay in Malmo as its cheaper, then get the train to Copenhagen for the day!

Malmö is a crazy mix of traditional scandanvian and modern buildings.  Since I loved Malmö so much, I decided to write a guide of the top 5 things to see and do there.

Here is my list of the top 5 things to see and do in Malmo:

1. The Beach

Malmo actually has a really cute beach, it is a bit of a walk from the town centre but it is worth it on a sunny day. In September it was still fairly warm and we enjoyed sitting there for a few hours.

The water was some of the clearest sea water I have ever seen. I kept watching tiny crabs swim around my feet and you could see small plaice style flat fish swim away from us.

There was also a really cool pier so don’t miss our on the views from that!

2. Sankt Petri Cathedral (St. Peter’s Cathedral)

One of the most interesting sights to see in Malmo was the cathedral. The ceiling used to be beautiful and a painted mural but was painted over in recent centuries. In the one room there is still the murals though as you can see in this image.

3. Øresund Bridge

The bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden is a true work of engineering. It is 8km long and has a 4km tunnel. Upon its completion in 2000, it was the longest bridge in the Europe.

It isn’t the cheapest train journey I’ve ever been on – I think it was about £15 return but you are crossing borders and need to remember your Passport or European ID card.

As we found out, you can see it from the top of the Tower in Copenhagen on a clear day!


4. The crazy architecture

The most prominent of which is the Turning Torso was completed in 2006 and is the highest tower in Scandinavia with its height of 190m. (I just had to look up what it is called as I just remember it looked cool and was near the beach!)

The camera lens had a weird blob on it for all our pictures in Malmo!

But there is also so many beautiful buildings in the mix-match of old and new that is everywhere in this beautiful city!





5.Modern Art Museum

The Moderna Museet Malmö is one of Malmö’s major art galleries and is home to a wide range of modern and contemporary works.

It was also free and we love a free museum!


So there you have it – my top 5 things to see in Malmo. I loved the parks we also sat in and the street art, but I hope you manage to fill your time over a few days in Malmo. Or explore it for two days and then head to Copenhagen like we did!

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