III Draakon Medieval Tavern in Tallinn

III Draakon Tallinn

Hello fellow budget hunters,

So I loved Tallinn, it felt like a trip to Disneyland with less rides or like I was in a medieval fairytale! The people wearing costumes just made it feel like we had gone back in time! This is my review of III Draakon Tallinn. 

Our Airbnb host recommended going to a medieval restaurant and said that he had visited this particular place more than once.

Typically we looked it up on Google reviews and trip advisor which was hilarious. A lot of people didn’t like how rustic it was and that there was no official menu.

That and half hadn’t read the signs stating there was no flash photography and to give a coin to the landlady… hence why they were ‘overcharged’.

III Draakon Tallinn



The III Dragon is in the main town hall square, within the town hall building.

If you already in the old town then it is fairly easy to find, although do not mix it up with Old Hansa (around the corner) which is a more tourist priced version of a medieval restaurant.

III Draakon Tallinn


The Third Dragon Menu


So this is apparently the biggest issue for some confused tourists. The options for the menu are ‘soup’, ‘sausages’ or ‘pasties’. If you ask the landlady what is in them don’t expect to find out, it will be a sarcastic reply!

III Draakon Tallinn


We ordered a bowl of soup each and a meat pasty each.

Don’t expect cutlery! drink out the bowl and enjoy it!

III Draakon Tallinn

Our soup was elk and ox with vegetables (I think)! It was very rich, game flavoured and so lovely. The weather was miserable outside so I love how warming the soup was!

Our meat pasty contained cinnamon which I wasn’t keen on, but it was decent.



The price was amazing value for money I believed. The soup was €2.50 a bowl and the pasty was €1.50  and our 1€ was taken as a coin for the landlady!

Compared to other medieval restaurants it was very cheap

The soup at Olde Hansa was 7 euros a bowl, whereas our whole meal was that price.

III Draakon Tallinn



I loved this whole experience, it was so much fun. It was very busy and I loved the eating by candlelight experience.

The lack of menu was fun, the soup was insanely good and I felt very happy here. The whole experience was a great novelty, with lots of humour and very entertaining!

III Draakon Tallinn

I can understand why people didn’t like it, but as a tourist surrounded by this medieval city…. You must try it!

Embrace it all and enjoy the experience of going back in time, with phones and cameras – also probably a bit cleaner and hygienic!

Probably not good for vegetarians or vegans though!


Until next time


The Great Ambini

X X x

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I ate the best food in Tallinn, this is my review of the medieval tavern. #tallinn #estonia #medieval #tavern #iiidraakon I ate the best food in Tallinn, this is my review of the medieval tavern. #tallinn #estonia #medieval #tavern #iiidraakon     I ate the best food in Tallinn, this is my review of the medieval tavern. #tallinn #estonia #medieval #tavern #iiidraakon

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19 Replies to “III Draakon Medieval Tavern in Tallinn”

  1. Certainly a restaurant with a difference! With elk and ox in the soup, I wonder what they put in the sausages. Was the pasty sweet or savoury? Cinnamon is fine in one, I think, but not the other. It sounds like an interesting experience.

  2. What fun! I would love to live medieval for a day. I would happily slurp that soup and munch on a pastie. I bet most people were confused during the medieval ages too, that makes it even more authentic ;p

    Thanks for sharing. Keep travel blogging. Adventure is better shared with friends!

  3. What a fun experience. I enjoy the “real” touches, such as tipping the landlady or being overcharged. A fantastic way to experience a Medieval town. I like the authenticity of the experience. I am intrigued by Medieval history, however, I am not fond of festivals celebrating this era because they strike me as inauthentic. Not this. And the soup sounds fantastic.

    1. Ha! Same here regarding “medieval” festivals! I would enjoy this restaurant though, drinking soup out of the bowl and all. 🙂

  4. I love restaurants with fixed menus, it makes you try some things you wouldn’t order otherwise. I’ve been wanting to visit Estonia (also Latvia and Lithuania) badly for the last couple of years- each blog post I read about those countries is pure excitement. Also, I love meat and cinnamon combination, it would be a perfect warmer for a miserable weather. 🙂

  5. I’d love it. I think surprise and going with the flow are a big part of travelling, so complaining that there’s no menu and being reluctant to give it a try is silly. And what you read… I think those are the reviews of tourists, not travellers 🙂 If one wants to eat like a knight, they should have some spirit of adventure 😉

  6. Anything with medieval charm really attracts me for it brings back that nostalgic feeling. Would love to see this place with no menu. For sure, you had a great value for money experience there.

  7. Totally loved reading this experience at a medieval restaurant and I felt I was part of it! Its amazing to find such nice people through Arbnb as when the locals recommend something, mostly its has been a great choice for us too! Liked the dresses, eating in candle light and drink up straight from the bowl! A very raw experience at Tallinn. Sometimes discovering things rather than knowing about them can be quite a memory to create! The III Dragon seems to be a great place which allows one to go with the flow!

    1. Yes, you have summed it up so well, it was great to experience it rather than just learn! It was such a raw experience that we will remember through the years!

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