6 Things to do in Split, Croatia

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We went to Split last summer for 4 nights over my birthday. As it happened we ended up going on a trip island hopping with some friends, but we ended up seeing a few sights while in there.

Split is a sea port on the Dalmatian coast similar to Dubrovnik. I have heard from many that if you go to both, always go to Split first as you may a little disappointed after Dubrovnik. Obviously, they are both very different places, so let’s not compare them too much. Both are beautiful (I’ve only been to Split so going by images of Dubrovnik) If you are visiting Dubrovnik, Tracey Travels in Time has the best guide of things to do while you’re there.

I have always wanted to go to Dubrovnik, but I will have to wait until I visit Croatia again.


After that adventure in Split, I only really wrote about Krapanj so I thought I owed you a post.

So I thought I would put together a little guide of 6 things to do in Split.


  1. Eat Croatian food –
    We loved cevapi, which is meat kebabs in a soft bread roll with a pepper sauce (Avajar). It is heavenly.


We also enjoyed some authentic food at a restaurant recommended, and got excited for mashed potatoes as 3 weeks in Italy had got to us. While in Krapanj, we ate an octopus stew that had been cooking for 24 Hours and I know you can get many different variations in Split too. (I just don’t enjoy seafood, but I tried it)


  1. Walk around the Diocletian’s Palace – this place has some real history, it was built in the 4th Century as the ‘summer palace’ for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. It feels like an old fortress.

    After the Roman’s abandoned it, it remained empty for 300 years. Then it was used as a refuge from people escaping the Croats. Since the 7th Century, it has been occupied, with businesses being built into the walls.

Also, the lower floor was really cool with all the different stalls.

Since the 1970s it has been a UNESCO heritage site.


  1. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Dominus – We actually only climbed the Bell Tower of the cathedral, which shows the best views all over the city.


I feel bad that we did not explore the Cathedral further, however, we had been to see almost a hundred churches around Italy – I think we had over done it!


  1. Enjoy the beach – Split has a beach, apparently, it is a busy beach in the summer but it is beautiful. Who doesn’t love a beach?


The sea around Split is very salty, I loved the fact I could float without swimming. It is obviously isn’t like the dead sea, but you can float so easily – I loved snorkelling there. Definitely, spend the afternoon at the beach.

  1. Walk around the marina – This one is my favourite thing we did while we were in Split. I loved walking around the Harbour and Marina, enjoying looking at the little boats. The sea was the most beautiful colour and the pictures were insane!!
  2. Go on an island hopping trip – This is what I wanted to do for my birthday, we had booked an island excursion with lunch and snorkelling. It wasn’t very expensive, but we did cancel it and get a refund – as a better offer came up!

    We knew people who were staying on the island called Krapanj, so we stayed there for one night!

From Split there are some cool islands like Hvar or Brac.


There we go, I decided to give you a rough guide of 6 differe nt things to do in Split.

Hope you enjoyed,

Until next time,

The Great Ambini

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