About me

Things to do in pokhara

I am Amber, a graduate from Cardiff University. I’m from a small town in Herefordshire, in the English countryside.

Amber in Tanzania

I love to travel and write about all my experiences to help other people from making the same mistakes I often do.

For example, I dislocated my shoulder in Tanzania. 

My website name comes from a family nickname when I was about 8.

I decided to become a magician for my family. I put on a show and my mum jokingly called me “The Great Ambini” but then the name has stuck for the 12 years since.

Amber in Paris

I hope to be travelling full time in 2021, once I have saved up some money.

Until then I will be out the UK as much as possible, my favourite place so far has been Timisoara.

Please follow my blog and check out my other social media accounts.

Instagram – thegreatambini_ 

Twitter – @ambertatton

Pinterest – thegreatambiniblog


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